Treatments for teens

We offer all options to keep your teen happy and motivated during treatment

Why Treatment for teens?

Orthodontics for the modern teenager has never been easier – We try to provide you with the fastest and most efficient treatment, which keeps your teenager happy and keeps their teeth healthy. Most treatment at this age involves bite correction and esthetic enhancement.

Low-profile Braces

Traditional Braces

Low Profile Braces are made of surgical grade stainless steel and feel slightly less bulky than some of our clear options. They are by far the most popular choice for our adolescent patients – they are easiest to clean and easiest to remove off the teeth when you are done with treatment.


Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become increasing popular for our older teen patients who are looking for an alternative to braces. Teens love being able to remove the aligners to brush and floss – compliance 22hrs/day wear) is the biggest factor on whether your teen should choose this option for treatment.

Clear Braces

“set it and forget it”

Your teen may want to avoid metal braces for their treatment and that is always an option available. Not only are ceramic braces more esthetic, they are also great for our patients with metal allergies.

3D Printed Braces

Fully customizable

These 3D printed braces are another great esthetic option for our teen patients that don’t want metal braces. These brackets are fully customized and designed with Artificial intelligence to optimized the orthodontic movements needed.