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Ceramic Braces FAQs

Your Questions About Ceramic Braces Answered

Ceramic braces appear clear or ‘tooth colored’. They blend discreetly with your smile, making them an attractive option for those self-conscious about their appearance. Patients can even opt for a tooth colored arch wire instead of metal to further decrease visibility.

What are Ceramic Braces?2022-11-03T07:09:16-05:00

Ceramic braces are an ideal orthodontic treatment for those who are conscious about their smile thanks to their clear or “tooth colored” appearance.

How Do Ceramic Braces Differ from Metal Braces?2022-11-03T07:08:48-05:00

Unlike metal braces renowned for their standout appearance, ceramic braces blend in with your smile. Although they’re not as invisible as Invisalign, the tooth-colored brackets and arch wire are certainly discreet.

What Issues Can Ceramic Braces Fix?2022-11-03T07:08:20-05:00

Aside from realigning and straightening the teeth, ceramic braces correct any type of malocclusion. This includes overbites, underbites and crossbites – both minor and complex.

Are Ceramic Braces Uncomfortable to Wear?2022-11-03T07:07:57-05:00

Much like any orthodontic treatment designed to move the teeth, you can expect some level of discomfort or pain. However, unlike metal braces renowned for their sharp edges, the brackets of ceramic braces are small and rounded. Patients should experience minimal irritation to the gums and surrounding mouth area.

How Long Will My Treatment Take?2022-11-03T07:06:54-05:00

Ceramic braces treatment differs between every patient depending on their individual smile goals. However, many receive treatment for 18-24 months. Book an appointment here to speak with an orthodontist about the length of your ceramic braces treatment.

What Food and Drink Should I Avoid with Ceramic Braces?2022-11-03T07:06:33-05:00

Thanks to their tooth-colored appearance, ceramic braces are prone to unwanted stains and discoloration. We recommend avoiding foods and drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee, tomatoes, beetroot – essentially anything with a strong color. To save your brackets and wires from breaking off or bending, it’s also good practice to avoid hard, sticky and crunchy foods.

Can I Smoke with Ceramic Braces?2022-11-03T07:06:07-05:00

Smoking and vaping can lead to staining, discoloration and higher levels of bacteria in the mouth. Patients should avoid these habits when receiving orthodontic treatment.

How Should I Take Care of My Ceramic Braces?2022-11-03T07:05:41-05:00

It’s best to brush, floss and rinse your teeth thoroughly after every meal. Avoid using whitening toothpaste as this will only lighten the exposed areas, giving you an uneven color when the brackets are removed.

What Should I Do If My Brackets Break?2022-11-03T07:05:15-05:00

Despite technological advances to improve the durability of ceramic braces, broken brackets and damaged wires are common. Simply make an appointment with your orthodontist who’ll be happy to fix the issue.

How Much Will My Ceramic Braces Treatment Cost?2022-11-03T07:04:44-05:00

As with the treatment time frame, the cost of your ceramic braces treatment depends on your individual issues and smile goals. Make an appointment with our dedicated team of orthodontists to receive a reasonable estimate.

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