Traditional Braces For Adults FAQs2022-12-12T04:59:46-06:00

Traditional Braces For Adults FAQs

Your Questions About Traditional Braces for Adults answered

Traditional braces for adults are an effective method of teeth straightening. Braces can fix overcrowding, crooked teeth, gaps in teeth, and more. As an adult, it can feel scary to get braces, but they are an extremely effective treatment to repair your smile and oral health.

Not sure if traditional braces for adults are right for you? Check out our frequently asked questions for a better understanding of this orthodontic solution.


Are Adult Braces Different from Braces for Teens and Kids?2022-12-12T05:53:02-06:00

There is no difference between traditional braces for adults and teenagers and children. However, adults may have dental issues that aren’t as common in children or teens – such as bone loss or gingivitis – so treatment in adulthood might be longer.

What Types of Braces Are Available for Adults?2022-12-12T04:54:40-06:00

There is a wide variety of options available for adult braces, include ceramic, wired, or lingual braces. Lingual braces are positioned behind the teeth for a more discreet appearance. Ceramic braces blend in more naturally with the teeth. You can also get clear braces, which are a popular choice among adult patients.

How Long Do I Have to Wear My Adult Braces?2022-12-12T05:52:37-06:00

The length of time you will need to wear your adult braces depends on the severity of the issue. The average time for adult braces wearers is between 18 months and three years. It is always important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout and after to prevent any further damage and keep your teeth healthy for longer.

How Do I Take Care Of My Braces?2022-12-12T05:52:12-06:00

It’s important to brush and floss your teeth regularly whether you do or don’t have braces. But brushing and flossing is particularly important when you have braces, as food can get stuck in the wires. We recommend brushing between meals to avoid the build-up of food particles.

What Can I Eat While Wearing Braces?2022-12-12T05:51:53-06:00

You can generally eat most foods with adult braces, with the exception of very crunchy or sticky foods and chewing gum. We also recommend avoiding sugary drinks and foods for the health of your teeth.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?2022-12-12T05:51:18-06:00

The cost of traditional adult braces varies, depending on the type and style of braces. You can book a free consultation and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about the procedure and cost.

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