Treatments for adults

We offer many options to satisfy your chief complaint!

Why Adult Treatment?

Stopped wearing your retainers? Never had treatment growing up? Noticed more shifting? There are many reasons why more adults than ever are coming to our office for treatment. Dr. Dave and Dr. Bob can offer something that adults value the most, high quality treatment in the fastest time possible. Whether you are looking for a small fix or comprehensive bite correction, we will present the best options for you and make the investment worth while. Any treatment you choose, remember that you will never need an impression at our office!


Clear Aligners

One of the most popular treatment options for our adult patients – these clear aligners can be removed while eating or brushing and are definitely less noticeable than braces. For our motivated adults that are willing to wear the aligners for 22+ hours per day, this is the option for you.

Clear Braces

“set it and forget it”

Clear or Ceramic Braces are a great option for adults that want to “set it and forget it” Although you still can visibly see the wires, clear braces blend with your teeth and make having treatment less noticeable – perfect for adults who don’t feel they can wear aligners the required amount of time.

Low-profile Braces

Traditional Braces

Low Profile Braces are made of surgical grade stainless steel and feel slightly less bulky than some of our clear options. This is a great option for adults that don’t really mind having braces and would appreciate the lowest profile design against your soft tissues.

3D Printed Braces

Fully customizable

3D printed braces are the most advanced technology available and allow for a fully customizable treatment for adults. The braces are clear/white in color and have customized features for each individual tooth and patient – enabling the fastest and most efficient tooth movement.