Treatments for children

We offer comprehensive treatment and participation in our Observation program

Treatment timing for children?

Dr. Dave and Dr. Bob like to see children for their first consultation around the age of 7. Sometimes early treatment is needed to prevent problems or make treatment with full braces easier when your child gets older. Starting treatment at the appropriate time is critical – if you don’t need early treatment, your child is placed in our recall program so we can monitor their eruption and growth.

Early Treatment

Correcting early problems

Early treatment is sometimes called interceptive treatment or phase 1 treatment – Addressing thumb habits, severe crowding, crossbites or skeletal issues are some of the types of treatment that would be completed at this age. If your child needs some type of early treatment, they will most likely need comprehensive treatment at a later time, sometimes referred to as phase 2 treatment.

Eruption Guidance

Steering teeth in the right direction

With our 3D Xray technology, we are able to check and make sure all of your Childs teeth are erupting into the right position. Sometimes removing baby teeth will help with teeth going the wrong direction, and early treatment may be avoided in some cases.

Airway Screening

Reduce or eliminate sleep disturbances

Airway Screening: The Orthodontist serves as a screener for breathing and sleep issues in children. During our clinical exam and review of your Childs 3D Xray, we will make the appropriate referral to an ENT or sleep medicine physician for large tonsils, adenoids or other sleeping issues.

Observation Program

Treatment at the right time

The majority of our young patients do not need any early treatment and are placed in our observation program to annually check their growth and eruption. If your child does not need any early treatment, they will come back every 6 months and sometimes on a yearly basis – We will occasionally take a new 3D Xray to check erupting teeth. Visiting the office every 6 months also gets your child extremely comfortable with our office for any future treatment that is needed.


Clear Aligners

Invisalign for kids provides the same benefits as metal braces, without any wires or brackets poking out during the correction. Orthodontists recommend Invisalign for kids as an early treatment to prevent long-term issues caused by malocclusion.