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3D Printed Braces FAQs

Your Questions About 3D Printed Braces Answered

Thanks to advances in scanning technology, dental impressions (molds) are a thing of the past with 3D printed braces.

What are 3D Printed Braces?2022-11-03T07:29:01-05:00

Dubbed the future of orthodontics, 3D printed braces are a fully customizable option for realigning and straightening the teeth using the most advanced technology available.

How Does Digital Technology Power Your Treatment?2022-11-03T07:29:50-05:00

Your orthodontist will use a super accurate intraoral scanner to create a 3D digital impression of your teeth. This not only highlights any issues, but maps out the exact contours of each tooth, enabling the printed brackets to fit seamlessly.

Your orthodontist will then use this image to create your 3D printed braces. It also shows your treatment journey from start to finish, giving you a realistic insight into your future smile.

How Do 3D Printed Braces Differ from Traditional Metal Braces?2022-11-03T07:30:35-05:00

Traditional metal braces are prefabricated, therefore they fit any patient. This means they’re not the best fit for the patient’s teeth, which can lead to more frequent trips to the orthodontist to make minor adjustments.

3D printed braces are fully customized to fit a patient’s exact tooth shape and mouth size. This allows orthodontists to make more accurate predictions about the alignment journey, leading to less frequent orthodontic trips.

Are 3D Printed Braces Visible?2022-11-03T07:34:08-05:00

3D printed braces aren’t as discreet as Invisalign, but they do feature small clear or white brackets. Therefore, they’re not as noticeable as traditional metal braces and are a great option for patients who prefer to draw less attention to their smile.

Are 3D Printed Braces Uncomfortable to Wear?2022-11-03T07:34:58-05:00

Because they’re printed to the exact shape of your teeth, 3D printed braces are surprisingly comfortable. The brackets are also relatively small and so don’t feel as bulky in the mouth, making eating and talking feel effortless.

How Quickly Will I See Results with 3D Printed Braces?2022-11-03T07:35:59-05:00

Precise, made-to-order brackets fit perfectly to the contours of your teeth, meaning they’ll move quicker and more efficiently. The treatment is certainly faster than traditional methods, but only your orthodontist can provide an estimate for your individual treatment length.

How Much Will My 3D Printed Braces Treatment Cost?2022-11-03T07:36:44-05:00

As with the treatment time frame, the cost of your 3D printed braces treatment depends on your individual issues and smile goals. Make an appointment with one of our brilliant orthodontists to receive a reasonable estimate.

What Issues Can 3D Printed Braces Fix?2022-11-03T07:39:15-05:00

From crooked teeth to severe malocclusions, 3D printed braces can fix and perfect your smile with unrivaled ease.

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